Manchester Journey

Hello guys today ı came to there to discovering naturel beauty İn manchester. We had a much expectation about Manchester before ı come to here. we got off the bus as soon as  we went to our favoruite cafee around the UK. its name is Caffee Nero.Because ı am living here and its the best caffee as a service and  flavor than we deciced to go to china town. You will those photo about this town there is so interesting . Its separated part of manchester.

There are many chinese shopping and chinese signboard. According to as someone There  had felt so suprising. while wandering at streeit we came across many cyclist.   They were riding a bicycle created area by the municipality. I think this incident so nice while riding a bicycle many authorized were controlling ways to block the crash. while were going to visit Manchester city stadium , we saw one bridge has a good scenery but it was so dirty.  I soppouse so many factory are leaving harmful waste. After we wandering couple of street ı realized there are not interested in many place.  All street was  decorated as by someone.  Perhaps,  becaufe oof limited time ı didint testimoryand see interesting place.

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Liverpool Journey

Hi guys ı cought a change to go to liverpool last weekend. So ı want to talk about liverpool. I will sometimes compare between Leeds and Liverpool. I come here about 2 hours and ı paid just 15 poound included  return. Firstly we went to go cafe to drink someting because ı was feeling so tired , ı sleept just 4 hours before ı come to here than ı decided to wander at  Victoria street which has many shopping center and a lot of  brand it was  wide  and crowded. After wandered victoria street. From my point of view Liverpool has more lively atmosphere and it is more beautiful. In addisttion when ı arrived liverpool  ı noticed leeds was so colder than liverpool. Liverpool has good wethear.

I went to  Albert Dock there is liverpool museum about ship and awesome scenery in albert dock. here are many ship it was interesting.  In belief Albert dock has a good scenery to relief.  When return time come  ı went to bus station. Altough  ı  bought ticket for 6.30 coach said me this bus not empty seat for you and you should wait just 30 minutes. This siutation so bad for me because England development country so ı didint wait encountering this case. Anyways.To sum up, There are many shopping center , peaceful atmosphere. If you want to  enough time you should come to here.

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I will talk about my journey first-day ı had a quiz to determinate students level and When quiz started, ı felt so tired. According to result ı was accepted upper intermediate class and ı have been going here so ıf ı talk about school quality i think there are people who don’t enough experience and this case caused many problems firstly when teacher want to teach one matter he doesn’t know how to teach effectively. Obviously, ı didn’t like my English course.

Before ı come to here ı finished preparing English in my country.Hence ı was hoping to good education and improve my English skills easily. Unfortunately,  nowadays ı have started feeling bad. I will mention Leeds and environment. Actually, Leeds is being created much old building which is colors orange in Leeds and there are a lot of traditional shop and bar
I liked city configuration, regular as well. I can transport one place to another place easily by bus but ı have a small problem with bus time because until 7.00 the bus coming to every 30 minutes.After 7.00 pm the buses are moving every 1 hours. This situation is a problem for young people. That’s all for now. See you later

these are couple of photos

Victoria Quarter Shopping Centre

Hype Park

The headrow

Commercial Street