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I will talk about my journey first-day ı had a quiz to determinate students level and When quiz started, ı felt so tired. According to result ı was accepted upper intermediate class and ı have been going here so ıf ı talk about school quality i think there are people who don’t enough experience and this case caused many problems firstly when teacher want to teach one matter he doesn’t know how to teach effectively. Obviously, ı didn’t like my English course.

Before ı come to here ı finished preparing English in my country.Hence ı was hoping to good education and improve my English skills easily. Unfortunately,  nowadays ı have started feeling bad. I will mention Leeds and environment. Actually, Leeds is being created much old building which is colors orange in Leeds and there are a lot of traditional shop and bar
I liked city configuration, regular as well. I can transport one place to another place easily by bus but ı have a small problem with bus time because until 7.00 the bus coming to every 30 minutes.After 7.00 pm the buses are moving every 1 hours. This situation is a problem for young people. That’s all for now. See you later

these are couple of photos

Victoria Quarter Shopping Centre

Hype Park

The headrow

Commercial Street














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