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Manchester Journey

Hello guys today ı came to there to discovering naturel beauty İn manchester. We had a much expectation about Manchester before ı come to here. we got off the bus as soon as  we went to our favoruite cafee around the UK. its name is Caffee Nero.Because ı am living here and its the best caffee as a service and  flavor than we deciced to go to china town. You will those photo about this town there is so interesting . Its separated part of manchester.

There are many chinese shopping and chinese signboard. According to as someone There  had felt so suprising. while wandering at streeit we came across many cyclist.   They were riding a bicycle created area by the municipality. I think this incident so nice while riding a bicycle many authorized were controlling ways to block the crash. while were going to visit Manchester city stadium , we saw one bridge has a good scenery but it was so dirty.  I soppouse so many factory are leaving harmful waste. After we wandering couple of street ı realized there are not interested in many place.  All street was  decorated as by someone.  Perhaps,  becaufe oof limited time ı didint testimoryand see interesting place.

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